Foo Fighters - Everlong drum cover.

This is some inspiring shit


This is way too awesome.

Face-Off With a Deadly Predator (by NationalGeographic)

There You Are (by Valve)

I was in Sydney, Australia for all of 20 hours yesterday and managed to check out the famed Harbour area. I think these pictures of the Opera house and Downtown from when I was walking across the Harbour Bridge are two of my favourites. It was raining the whole time I was there but I think I managed to get a couple good pictures!

My head’s bobbing. Will yours?

What is Love on eight floppy drives (by MrSolidSnake745)

Did not expect this at all. It’s really really good!

Noah Cover of “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO (by only1noah)

Awesome. Just so Awesome. 

Go right (by RockyPlanetesimal)


The Simpsons Theme (Vocal Cover) (by nmckaig)

My Brain has this expression now: O_O 

and will probably wear it for the foreseeable future.


A droplet atop a vibrating pool is prevented from coalescing by the constant influx of air into a thin lubrication layer between it and the pool. But that is not the strangest aspect of its behavior.  Researchers have found that this system demonstrates some aspects of the mind-bending wave-particle duality at the heart of quantum physics. (Submitted by Dan H.) #